Estates, Trusts and Probate Law

Lawyers at Proell Attorneys at Law Munich are focused to assist clients with complex needs and represented clients in a full spectrum of trust and estate issues in Germany, such as estate settlements, probate and intestate administration proceedings, judicial will contests, legal portion litigation, fiduciary services and trusts. Moreover, the firm is offering, through its subsidiaries in the jurisdictions of Austria and Liechtenstein, most effective and state of the art advocacy concerning Asset Protection techniques, such as trusteeships & private foundations and international inheritance planning.

Our client’s Family Office or Banks directly liaise with us on behalf of the client. Our firm’s legal knowledge and international set-up brings diversity in our client’s Wealth Management Strategies. Our lawyers see themselves as a provider of state of the art legal techniques and our international set-up enables us to consider the situation more independently and out of the box.

Moreover, over the last decades we also dispose experience when it comes to points of contact with the Art World or other kind of potentially absconding property and Lawyer’s at Proell Attorneys at Law are asset tracing specialists. Our lawyers regularly also assist with the control of the probate curator’s liquidation activities.