The Firm

Proell Attorneys at Law Munich offers its services as full practice law firm with subsidiaries in Munich and Berlin, Germany, and in Vienna, Austria. We provide highly sophisticated legal services in a personal and partner-level attention manner to clients in corporate and private legal matters.

As a result of our representation activities, clients of Proell Attorneys at Law consist of business clients and private individuals not only throughout Germany but also in the jurisdictions of Austria and Liechtenstein. No matter whether we are litigating a matter in a judicial or administrative court, assisting with transactional matters, or appearing before administrative agencies, in each instance our lawyers have a single goal in mind, which is the success of our clients. Our goal is to advance your interests.

Our lawyers identify crucial points, implement different viewpoints and change it. It is our ambition to be on the forefront of disputed processes and it is our core strength to successfully implement viewpoints and legal strategies towards Courts, Registers, Arbitration Panels and Authorities. Our firm consists of independent lawyers, working for their own records and on their own responsibility. All this and more, forms part of our professional approach and commitment. A commitment to integrity and professional standards.

To speak to a member of our law firm directly or to schedule an initial consultation, please call us or send us an email.